Grooming Services and Prices


Nail Trim/Feet

£5 - £8

Bath and Blow Dry (Including Nail Trim/Feet)
Toy, Small and Short Coated Dogs
Medium Dogs and Long Coated Small Dogs
Large Dogs
Extra Large Dogs
Full Groom
 £15 - £20
 £25 - £30
 £30 - £35
Coat Condition Treatment – Espree Mud Bath Pet Spa
 £5 - £10
Matted Dogs
In line with the Animal Welfare Act 2006. Excessively matted dogs must be clipped off/shaved. This spares them any unnecessary pain. Additional charges apply.
Puppy Intro Groom
 £15 - £35
Hand Stripping
Please enquire for prices.

All prices are dependent on the dog size and coat type. The exact price will be confirmed after consultation in the salon.

Please make an appointment for a nail trim but I will do this while  you wait.  For all other grooming services, owners are requested to leave their dogs.  An approximate collection time will be given, but I prefer to telephone you when your dog is ready for collection. I only groom one or two dogs each day and like to have plenty of time for perfection.

Special Offers

Repeat Customers get £5 off your 6th visit*

*Valid for full grooms only, not for bath/blow dry/nail/puppy


Cash Upon Collection