Dog Groomer, Brighton

Everyone must fill in and complete a registration form at the first visit. The following terms are detailed on this card - versions of this are standard in all salons. 

  • The dog is fit and healthy or I have notified the groomer of any underlying or ongoing conditions or ailments.
  • The groomer shall not be liable for any underlying skin or health problems which grooming exposes.
  • The groomer shall not be liable for any mishap caused by non-disclosure of my pet's behaviour or medical condition.
  • I understand that in the event of injury or illness, and the need for the pet to be taken to a vet, I, the owner, am responsible for all associated costs; unless it can be proven that the groomer is liable.
  • I give permission for my dog to be muzzled and if my dog is ever too aggressive, no grooming shall be undertaken.
  • If any underlying parasitic infection or health issue is discovered, I will obtain veterinary advice/treatment at my own expense.

Dematting consent forms, if required, will also need to be completed.

Thank you for your interest. For bookings, please telephone, email  or contact me on Facebook.