Dogs .... and hair!

Becoming a Professional Dog Groomer in Brighton

Hi, I'm Adele Clark, pictured here with my dog Lolly. Whilst she is totally adorable, she really is not a fan of brushes, combs, nail clippers, hair dryers or anything at all to do with being groomed. But, after lots of wet, hairy struggles in the bathroom and chasing around the kitchen table, she now ‘accepts’ the experience as she realises there's no escape!

Life with Lolly inspired me to retrain and become a professional dog groomer. I now have a salon equipped with a designer dog bath, electric grooming table, top quality clippers, blades, scissors and all other essentials which will make your pet's experience as stress-free and as safe as possible. The welfare of your dogs is my top priority, and of course, I want them to look even more gorgeous when they leave!

Quality Dog Groomer, near Fiveways, Brighton.

Whilst your pet is in the salon, Lolly will be snuggled in her bed at home dreaming about squirrels, bones, the cat ......

Why I Hope Your Dog Will Be Happy

Plenty of water and toilet breaks, beds for snoozes and respite, quiet dryers and clippers – all essential for very nervous clients.  Brand quality shampoos for different coats and cuddles galore.

Two or more doggie companions are welcome to come at the same time. Puppies...yes, please!